Building the Internets

I like to design things, and then hack them together with HTML, CSS, and JS. I also get my hands dirty on a LAMP stack (but Node, NGINX, and MongoDB are awesome).

Designing for People

I like to create things that make sense to people. That means following conventions, talking to users, and redoing the things that need to be redone.

Hoarding Instruments

I've been playing the cello for 15 years and spent 10 of them playing in an orchestra. Only playing one instrument got a little boring, so now I play seven of them.

Transportation Fanatic

Being in a big city means efficient transportation is critical. I'm fascinated by road, rail, and bus systems and like exploring ways to improve their user experience.

My Latest Projects

Open Source Volunteer Management

Open Source Volunteer Management

Building an open source volunteer management app because there aren't any.
Bus Stamp

Bus Stamp

Trying to address the UX problems of the most common mass transit rider.